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About the project

Type of Build: Renovation

Architect: TBC

Complexity Level: Medium (High Risk Level)

One of our most recent renovation projects in Roseneath, located deep into a hard-to-access area of the hills - about 150 meters from the nearest road - proved difficult for us to reach.

Location: Roseneath

Year: 2022

Heli-Lift Roseneath


When It's Hard

to Reach.

Project Overview

If you know Wellington well, you know that it's full of rolling hills and valleys.  This is one of Wellington's most defining characteristics which has guided the architecture across the wider Wellington region. 


When it comes to building in Wellington, the hilly terrain makes accessing a construction site more difficult than in other parts of New Zealand. One of our most recent projects in Roseneath is situated at the foot of Mount Victoria on an extremely sloped slope overlooking Oriental Bay. The area is a haven for homeowners who want the peace and tranquility of being just outside of the city yet close enough for convenience to downtown.

Roseneath, like many inner city suburbs, is scattered with hills - and many properties have hard-to-reach or next-to-no ease of access - particularly when it comes to construction.


When it comes to flat land, the most common strategy for transferring building material onto a construction site is by means of a crane. But when it comes to hillsides like those found in Roseneath, access becomes significantly more difficult  and there are fewer options for how you can bring things into place effortlessly.


This project was located down a narrow road, less than two lanes wide - with the site located deep off the road, downhill. 

With construction material needing to be hauled in and there being no nearby flat area for a truck based crane, our preferred option became a helicopter from Wellington Helicopters which uses models similar to those used for Westpac Rescue or Search & Rescue Teams.

We've used helicopters for many of our projects that were difficult to access. Utilizing air transport has allowed us quick access to these sites and reduced the amount of safety risk we impose on ourselves, and subsequently reduces the time it takes for us to finish a project because we can now take risks without having too much at stake.. 


Talk to us to learn more about building in hard-to-access areas. 

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